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Trial Sites

Trial Sites are your Treepl CMS development environments for starting new site projects, before you publish to a custom domain name.

The number of Trial Sites available and the timeframe until they expire, depend on your Treepl CMS reseller level.

Quick Start

Setup a Trial Site

Once logged into your Treepl Portal you should arrive at the ‘Trial Sites’ page.

From here, use the “Create New Site” button to start a new site instance, completing the information required for your site as follows:

Site Name
A descriptive name for your project.
Root Domain
Either or, for white-labelling, or your own branded domain/s (if your reseller level allows).
Usually autocompletes, but you can change if needed.
CMS Plan
An appropriate plan for your project requirements/budget.
Choose a blank site or one of the free Treepl CMS templates (preview the templates via the blue button).
Data Center
Choose the server location best for your site.
Set your sites primary location.
Time Zone
Set the server time to be used for all your site's date/time functions.
Enable two-factor authentication (2FA)
Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for any admin logging into the site. See 2FA documentation here for more info.

Click "Save" and within approximately 1 minute your site instances should spin up and be ready to access.
(the instance will appear in your ‘Trial Sites’ list with a pending status until ready)

Manage a Trial Site

Once a Trial Site is ready, you'll see additional options available for managing your instance:

Name given to the site instance.
View the Trial Site with the system generated subdomain.
Displays the current status of the site while deploying. Once deployed, displays the “Activate” button to start the activation process for publishing the site under a custom domain.
Displays whether Two-Factor Authentication is enabled or disabled.
Navigate to the site's admin.
Date Created
Displays the instance creation date.
Displays the instance CMS plan.
Copy Site: Create an complete copy of the instance.
Edit Site: Access the instance settings.
Delete Site: Remove the instance from your account.

Editing a Trial Site

From the Trial Sites list, clicking the pencil () icon for a site instance will provide further configuration options.

Site Settings

Under the ‘Site Settings’ tab, you’ll see the same settings as when setting up the Trial Site initially.

Here you’ll be able to edit the site's Name, CMS Plan, Country, Time Zone and 2FA settings. Other settings are locked and cannot be changed or require Treepl CMS support to change on your request.


Provides the general FTP configuration details for the site instance.

Further details regarding FTP settings can be found here.


All available extensions for the site instance will be listed here under the heading ‘Available Extensions’, where they can be installed or further information about the extension be reviewed.

Any installed extensions will be listed separately under the heading ‘Installed Extensions’, where their settings (if applicable) can be configured or the extension uninstalled (via the trash can () icon)


Reseller commission, for this site instance, can be customised here which will apply if Direct Billing is enabled.

With Direct Billing enabled, your client will be able to pay directly for the site plan via the site admin. They will see your customised pricing only (not the regular Treepl CMS pricing) and you’ll receive your commission value once the payment has been processed.

Both the yearly and monthly subscription types can have customised commission values, either via a percentage markup or fixed value.

Pricing and calculations will be shown based on the currently configured CMS site plan, giving you the profit amount as well as any PayPal processing fees.

Access to Customisable Commissions and Direct Billing depends on your Treepl CMS reseller level.

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  • Website Templates
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  • Website Templates

  • Website Templates
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