Disaster Recovery Plan

Backup Info

Code and assets are stored on EBS volumes and are backed up twice daily by creating EBS snapshots. Additionally, code and assets are backed up before every update and before site termination. Backups are initially stored on the EBS volume and then moved to the S3.

Data is stored in the RDS databases with daily backups. It can also be recovered on a point-in-time basis. Like code&assets, data is backed up before each update and upon site termination.

Additionally, users can enable a backup extension that creates per-site backups daily. These backups are stored in S3. Backups to external services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) will be possible in the future.

Our primary response to the loss of data center is to recreate infrastructure in the differente availability zone or different AWS region - depending on the availability of the AWS infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We have a Disaster Recovery Plan that includes the following:

  • Guidelines for determining plan activation
  • Response and recovery strategy
  • Guidelines for recovery procedures
  • Rollback procedures that will be implemented to return to the standard operating state
  • Checklists outlining considerations for escalation, incident management, and plan activation

Overall Recovery Plan


  • On-call personnel is paged by a monitoring system.
  • Possible approaches toward recovery are considered.
  • Recovery team roles are identified
  • Partners are notified.


  • Recovery procedures are implemented.
  • The original issue is fixed by the team or service provider that caused the disruption.


  • Rollback procedures are executed.
  • Operations restored.

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