Mailing Lists

Mailing List management is where you’re able to set up and connect an email marketing list and view/manage your subscribers.

Found under ‘Email Marketing’ > ‘Mailing List’, if you have set up an email marketing provider integration with Treepl CMS, this section will be integrated with that service and allow synchronisation of data.

Current email marketing integration allows for Mailchimp connections only. See the ‘API Provider’ documentation in the ‘Related Articles’ section below for setting up your integration.

Existing lists can be managed here, with any changes or removal of the lists reflected in your email marketing provider account.

Creating a new list here will prompt you for all the required information that your email marketing provider will need, and upon saving, the Mailing List will be created in both Treepl CMS and your email marketing provider in real-time.

You can also view and manage list subscribers under the “Subscribers” tab with the ability to remove (unsubscribe) contacts or manually add them.
From this section you can only add subscribers from already existing contacts within your site, locating the contact by starting to type their email address into the input field.
The subscribed contact will then be pushed to the matching list at your email marketing provider.

As at version 2.3, Mailing List and subscriber changes will only be pushed up to Mailchimp. Changes made to Mailing Lists within Mailchimp are not currently pulled back into Treepl CMS. With the exception of an unsubscribe event (either from within the Mailchimp admin or via an unsubscribe link) which will be reflected in both Mailchimp and Treepl CMS in real-time.
Further syncronisation methods are coming soon.

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