About Treepl CMS

  • How Treepl CMS Works
  • Glossary of Terms
  • File System
    Most of the content management related assets and files used in Treepl CMS are accessible in the file system either via the admin File Manager or via FTP.
  • Infrastructure & Security
    Infrastructure Treepl CMS is fully hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and it takes advantage of a large set of its products: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) for scalable computing...
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
    Backup Info Code and assets are stored on EBS volumes and are backed up twice daily by creating EBS snapshots. Additionally, code and assets are backed up before every update...
  • Limits & Restrictions
    While system restrictions are inevitable, Treepl CMS aims to lift as many limitations to your development as possible.
  • Support
    Treepl Support Support Tickets Support Ticketing is fully integrated with your Treepl Portal and is your primary point of contact for the Treepl CMS team. If you have any issues,...
  • Trial Sites vs Live Sites
    Site Performance & Resources Currently, there are no differences in performance or resources limits between Trial Sites and Live Sites, apart from Trial Sites being idled after 60 minutes of...
  • Backlog & Requesting Features
    Treepl CMS is a community supported platform. Users and Partners are encouraged to vote in the backlog and request features.