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The Treepl CMS Domain settings allow you to control default domain, landing pages, domain authentication for system emails along with country and cultural settings like number and currency formatting.

Found under ‘Settings’ > ‘Domains’ you’ll see several tabs defining key aspects of your domain settings, as detailed below.

Site Domains

During Trial Site status, your site instance will display the trial site domain here only. So any domain configurations need to be made to this domain for development and testing purposes, until the site instance is activated.

You’ll be able to add your custom domain to the site during the activation process via your Treepl Portal. Further domains can then also be added to the site via your Treepl Portal under the site settings ‘Domains’ tab.

Once the site instance has been activated and domain/s added, they’ll display in your Site Domains list here in the admin.

The trail site domain will currently always show as ‘Default’. This is only a display bug and will be corrected in upcoming releases. Rest assured the primary domain set via your Treepl Portal will be the default domain in use.

This list will also display several other configurations for each domain, these being:

Start Page

The initial landing or home page used for this domain when no specific page URL is resolved.

Currently,if you have had Treepl CMS Support setup a global redirect to the www version of your domain/s,then this ‘Start Page’ setting will not work(as it will be overridden by the global redirect). To achieve different start pages(while this feature is being further developed) please contact support,with the desired redirect details,for them to set up a more granular redirect configuration for you.

Currency and Format
Select from available currency and format settings previously created for this site instance.
This is set to ‘Default’ to start with which cannot be changed directly. You can however,create additional currency and format options from this page under the ‘Currency and Format’ tab(see below for more details).
Select the country configuration that will be used by the site while this domain is in use.

Email Domains

By default, when your site instance sends out system emails, such as Workflow Notification, Auto-responders, Invoices emails, etc., it uses a pre configured and authorised email domain of ‘’. Therefore, these system emails will show as coming from an email address such as or, for example.

This default domain is authorised with the Amazon servers with Amazon SES and DKIM sender policies for optimal email deliverability and to minimise your important system emails ending up in your users spam/junk folders or being blocked entirely by their email service.

Adding additional email domains here allows you to authorise your own custom domains for use as sender email addresses on such system emails.

Clicking on the “ADD NEW DOMAIN” button provides a dialog to enter your desired custom domain and save it to the system.

You can only verify domains of which you have access to the DNS, so adding domains of free or publicly available email services such as gmail or hotmail addresses is not possible. In these cases it’s recommended to use the default system email domain.

After adding your custom domain you’ll be provided with TXT and CNAME records that need to be added to your domain’s DNS. You can use the copy icon () to easily copy the record data to your clipboard ready for pasting into your DNS management area.

Once all records have been added, tick the “I’ve added these records” checkbox and click the “VERIFY” button to start the verification process.
The TXT records generally verify within 5 mins but the CNAME records may take 15 - 20 mins. However, you can leave this page and check back later to review the progress.

A green status dot, along with the word “Success”, will display to the right of the added domain name if the verification process has completed successfully.
Once verified, any email address for the added domain name can more reliably be used for sending out system emails.

If the verification process fails, a red dot will display next to the record type/s that failed and a ‘Retry’ button will be available.
Double check your records and resolve any issues and retry the verification process.

Added email domains can also be removed from the verified list by clicking on the trash can icon (), after expanding the domain name section to show the DNS record information.

Currency and Format

By default, your site instance will have a default currency format included which is configured for US currency and culture formatting. This default item is not editable or deletable, so if you require different, or additional, currency configurations you can add them here also.

Clicking on the “ADD NEW FORMAT SETTING” button provides a dialog to configure your cultural and currency formatting requirements.

Clicking the pencil icon () to the right of each item will allow editing of the item. Clicking the trash can icon () will delete the item.

These currency and format options will then be available to apply to your domain name/s added to the CMS.

When adding/editing an item, the configuration options available are as follows:

A descriptive display name for your configuration(typically the country name or code in which this configuration would be applied).
Select the language and country code combination this configuration is intended for.
Select the 3 character country code representing the currency this configuration is intended for.
Number Of Decimal Places
Select the number of decimal places to use when displaying monetary values.
Use Custom Number/Currency Format
Enable customisation of how all elements of the currency are to be displayed. Further details on these options are detailed in the table below.

Custom Number/Currency Format

Currency Group Separator
The character used to separate grouped digits in the currency value.
Currency Decimal Separator
The character used to separate decimal digits in the currency value.
Currency Group Sizes
The number of digits to be grouped in the currency value.
Currency Symbol
The character used to represent the monetary value.
Currency Negative Pattern

The way negative numbers are presented.

The example patterns shown do not take into account your custom formatting set above,and are indicative of the pattern to be used.

Currency Positive Pattern

The way positive numbers are presented.

The example patterns shown do not take into account your custom formatting set above,and are indicative of the pattern to be used.

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