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Custom Reports

Custom reports can be used to bring CRM data together, as a spreadsheet, based on your requirements.

Reports are saved and can be rerun at any time, or adjusted as needed.

Some examples might include; retrieving all contacts and their cases, who submitted a particular form in the last 30 days, or all orders with a status of ‘AwaitingPayment’, or even just to export all contact records in the site with only the data columns you require.


Name of the report and Make Shareable option that allows you to share the report with other admin users. If Make Shareable is set to false - you are the only one who will see this report.


Assign a descriptive name for your report.

Make Shareable

This option allows you to share the report with other admin users and it will be visible to all admins in the saved reports list. If Make Shareable is unchecked, you are the only one who will see and be able to access this report.


A report type determines the site entities that will be returned along with their corresponding data fields. This data will be available for the report, both in the ‘Fields’ and ‘Filters’ steps used to construct the final report.

Changing the report type of an existing report will reset all fields and filters previously set in the report configuration.


Retrieve CRM contact records.

Contacts and Cases

Retrieve Cases (form submissions) with their corresponding contact.

Contacts and Orders

Retrieve Orders with their corresponding contact.

Contacts and Event Bookings

Retrieve Event Bookings with their corresponding contact.

Contacts and Secure Zones

Retrieve Secure Zone with their corresponding contact

Form Filter

For report types that involve a form submission (eg: Cases, Orders, Event Bookings...), you can select a specific form to only return contacts who have submitted the selected form. Those form fields will also become available in the construction/filtering of your report. Alternatively, you can select to use ‘All Forms’ to have all available form data, and contacts, available for use in the report.


A specific form, or all forms, to be used in the collection of report data and for those contact records who have submitted the form/s.

Save the settings before navigating away in order to apply them to the report.


Choose fields to be included in the final output of the report. These will display as the column headers of the report. However, all available fields can still be filtered upon to determine the outcome of the report data.

The fields available here depend on the report type chosen in the settings.

Save the fields before navigating away in order to apply them to the report.


Here you can logically control the report output with various conditions set against any available field.

Click the “+ Add New Filter” button to add and configure as many filters as needed to return only the data you require.

First, choose the data field you want to work with.

Next, choose the condition you want to use for filtering the fields data (available conditions may vary based on the field type it is working on).

Enter your logic/search value to be used against the condition. For example, if you’ve chosen the ‘Date Submission’ field for a “Contacts and Cases” report type and you want to return all contacts who submitted the form after a certain date, you could choose the ‘Greater than’ condition with a date input in the format of “2021/02/25 01:12:36 PM”.

This input will attempt to search for existing live data from the site to help you enter relevant values here. However, you can enter any text manually as required.

Continue adding filters to construct your desired report logic, or remove filters by clicking the trash can icon in the top right of the filer panel.

The filter conditions are based on the AND operator, meaning results returned by the report need to match ALL current filters collectively. There are currently no OR operators to separate filters. In case where this may be required, consider running additional, separate reports and evaluate the results externally.

Save the filters before navigating away in order to apply them to the report.


Results page shows all the chosen fields as columns along with the rows of data matching your filters (if any).

This report will provide a link back to the contact entity, or the additional resource (ie: Case, Order...) depending on the report type configured in the settings.

The report data can be exported via the ‘ EXPORT’ button and will download as an .xlsx spreadsheet file.

There is no need to save this report step as the report will be run against the live site data each time the report is loaded.

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