Site Settings & Management

  • Domains
    The Treepl CMS Domain settings allow you to control default domain, landing pages, domain authentication for system emails along with country and cultural settings like number and currency formatting.
  • Site Globals
    Site Globals, under ‘Settings’, is where you can set up customised data points for your website that will then become globally available throughout the site, wherever Liquid mark-up can be...
  • Categories
    Categories are a simple way to classify items under a common subject or even a simplified way to create relationships between items.
  • System Pages
    System Pages, under 'Settings', is where you’ll find all those pages required by certain system functionality, error messages and confirmations. Such as the Page Not Found 404 error page. Form...
  • Payment Settings
    Integrate various payment gateways, for multiple countries and currencies, into Treepl CMS for form payments, subscriptions and eCommerce workflows.
  • Admin Users
    Admin Users, found under ‘Settings’, is where you can control administrator access to your website management and content.
  • Admin User Roles
    Admin User Roles provide fine-grain control over permissions for users granted with admin access.
  • Admin Menu Configurator
    Customise the way admin users find and access site content and settings by configuring the admin menu with your own structure, labels, icons and links.
  • URL Redirects
    URL Redirects, found under ‘Settings’, enable you to set up 301 permanent redirects from a prior, or constructed, URL to another URL (within your domain/s).
  • Sitemap.xml / Robots.txt
    The Sitemap feature allows you to manage the sitemap.xml content, which lists your site’s important pages/items, their priority and last modified date, in XML format, for SEO and site indexing purposes.
  • SEO
    Configuring these settings will help search engines and accessibility systems better understand the context of your website.
  • Set Up Analytics
    Treepl CMS allows you to integrate Google Analytics views into the Admin Dashboard. This guide will help you configure your Google Analytics and your Treepl CMS site, so that the...
  • Misc Settings
    These various site-wide settings allow you to further control and customise the way your website functions, both in the admin and on the front-end.
  • API Applications
  • HTTP Header Settings
  • Frontend API Restrictions
    Enable access to various frontend API endpoints and individually configure user permissions and access rules.
  • Alpha & Beta Features
    Beta Features The Beta Features section, found under the gear icon in the top right of the admin, provides the ability to enable/disable current beta features before they are implemented...
  • Empty Cache
    Clear the server-side cache for generated ‘ImageProcessor’ images throughout the site.
  • Account Suspension
    Account Suspension provides the functionality to quickly and easily block a site from access or present an overlay notice on the site.
  • FTP access
    Treepl CMS allows you to access site files through secure SFTP. In this article you will learn how to connect to your Treepl website via SFTP as a reseller and/or admin user, as well as learn about Treepl's file structure.