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File Manager

The File Manager provides browserable and functional access to the site’s file storage.
You can see a tree view of the complete folder structure as well as a thumbnail, or optionally a list view, of the files within those folders.

Quick Start

File Naming Best Practises

When creating a page (or file) via FTP (or via the admin File Manager), please follow these best practises to avoid unpredictable result and/or errors:

Duplicate File Names

Do not create files with the same name but with different variations of the same file extension. Eg; myfile.html and myfile.htm

Doing so may result in inconsistent updating of file content when one or the other file is changed, along with other errors.

Empty File Names

Do not create files with an empty name (eg: .htm, .html).

The CMS logic of creating and changing the page via FTP, or via the admin File Manager, will ignore such files and will not result in the creation of a page.

Reserved URL Characters

Avoid using % and # characters in file names - particularly where these file names may be referenced in the URL (ie: as a link to a page or file). These characters are used in standard URL operations, therefore, including them in links/URLs can cause conflicts with existing URL constructs.

If these characters are to be used in your file naming, ensure any links/paths to such files are correctly URL encoded.

The URL encoding for these characters is listed below:

% –> %25
# –> %23

You can either manually encode these characters or make use of the Liquid filter url_encode.

Manual example:

// actual file name
<a href="/path/to/#my100%file.html">My Link</a>

// encoded file name
<a href="/path/to/%23my100%25file.html">My Link</a>

Liquid example:

{% assign fileSlug = "#my100%file.html" %}
<a href="/path/to/{{fileSlug | url_encode}}">My Link</a>
<a href="/path/to/%23my100%25file.html">My Link</a>

Folder and File Name Case Sensitivity

The Treepl CMS file system is case-sensitive and will resolve folders and files only from a matching-case request. Be sure to use matching letter case in your file paths and links.

For more information on system case sensitivity, see the File System article here.

Directory Structure

You have the freedom of creating your own folders and files within your sites directory structure. Keep in mind though, that Treepl CMS has certain directories/folders within a sites file structure which are utilised for system functionality (indicated below by the Treepl CMS icon ) and are either not accessible via the File Manager or should not be edited as they will be overriden with any version updates affecting those files.

The default system directory structure (and FTP access) is outlined below:

  • ROOT
  • cms-assets
    • css
      • event-calendar.min.css
      • jquery.fancybox.min.css
      • main.css
    • includes
    • js
      • event-calendar.min.js
      • jquery.fancybox.min.js
      • payment.js
  • Contact
    • ContentTemplates
      • Master.html
    • EmailTemplates
      • System Default.html
    • Forms
      • [your form name].html
    • MenuLayouts
      • [your_menu_alias]
        • Default
          • item.layout
          • menu.layout
          • sub_items.layout
    • ModuleLayouts
      • Custom
        • [YourCustomModule]
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
      • System
        • Banner
          • List.html
        • BannerGroup
          • List.html
        • Blog
          • Blog List Layout.html
          • General Blog Layout_Detail.html
        • BlogPost
          • List.html
          • Post Detail_Detail.html
        • Event
        • EventGroup
        • FAQGroup
          • List.html
        • FAQQuestion
          • List.html
        • GallerySlider
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
        • ItemAuthor
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
        • Page
          • Page Detail_Detail.html
          • Site Search List.html
        • PageFolder
          • Folder Detail_Detail.html
        • Slide
          • List.html
    • Pages
      • home.html
    • Snippets
    • SystemEmails
      • confirm-email-notification.html
      • invoice.html
      • password-retrieve-email.html
      • secure-zone-login-details.html
      • workflow-notification.html
    • SystemPages
      • 401.html
      • 403.html
      • 404.html
      • default-page.html
      • email-confirmation.html
      • error-page.html
      • form-submission-results.html
      • request-reset-password-result.html
      • request-reset-password.html
      • reset-password.html
    • WorkflowEmails
  • _tmp

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