Email Notifications

  • Workflows
    A Workflow is an action (or rule) that determines how a notification is handled. Workflows allow for greater control of email notifications that get sent when Forms are submitted on the front-end of your website. In this case we’re looking at Email Notifications.
  • Emails
    System email layouts can be managed here for additional Workflow Notification emails, Event registration follow-up emails and also eCommerce abandon cart emails (depending on your site plan and the extensions installed).
  • Email Templates
    Email Templates provide a top-level wrapper for one or more of your system email’s contents, allowing for consistent branding and styling across emails sent via the CMS (such as Workflows, Autoresponders, reminders, follow-ups, abandon cart emails, etc.).
  • System Emails
    System emails are emails that are sent when a particular action is carried out on the website and/or via the admin.