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Treepl Support

Support Tickets

Support Ticketing is fully integrated with your Treepl Portal and is your primary point of contact for the Treepl CMS team.

If you have any issues, need development services, or have general questions, you can contact the friendly and responsive team straight from your Portal.

Support Tickets will be listed here and show their current status and full chat history.
You can reply directly through the Portal interface or simply reply to the support ticket email to add to the chat history.

Live Chat

Live Chat is also available throughout our support hours and can be accessed via any page of the Treepl website (lower right hand corner).

Live Chat is best suited for general questions, sales enquiries. Many technical questions can also be answered, although if issues may need further investigation or developer assistance, consider submitting a support ticket so your question/s can be directed accordingly.

Support Hours

Our support hours cover 20hrs a day, 5 days a week.

As a general guide, below is the approximate coverage per key timezones around the world.

  • London / Copenhagen: 10pm - 5pm
  • San Francisco / Vancouver: 2pm - 10am
  • New York: 5pm - 1pm
  • Sydney: 9am - 5am
  • Auckland: 11am - 3am

Paid Services

Paid services are also accessible via the “Paid Services” button at the top of the page.

Community Assistance

As well as Support Tickets monitored by the Treepl CMS team, you'll find an actively growing and supportive partner community that may also be able to help you.

Below are the best ways to reach out:

Treepl Community Forum
Treepl forum is the best place to get help with Treepl CMS from fellow partners/users and Treepl staff.

Facebook Group
Please also join our Facebook group where the growing community is sharing ideas, best practices and supporting each other.

Slack Channel
As a Treepl Partner you have access to our community Slack channel where there are some great conversations and further support happening.
Contact us for an invite if you don't already have access.

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  • Website Templates

  • Website Templates
    *Clothing Store

  • Website Templates

  • Website Templates

  • Website Templates
    Digital Agency

  • Extensions
    Direct Billing

    Allow your customer to pay Treepl CMS directly for their site plan from the admin, as well as activating the site and assign their primary domain name (if the site is still in Trial Site mode).
  • Website Templates

  • Website Templates
    *Hair Salon

  • Website Templates

External Resources

There are currently no external resources available.

Please let us know if you have any other contributions or know of any helpful resources you'd like to see added here.


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.
Visit the Treepl Forum for community support and to search previously asked questions or send us a message at and we will consult you as soon as possible.