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CRM Contacts

This component fetches CRM Record data to use on the front-end via Liquid.

{% component type: "CRMContacts" %}

Due to GDPR and privacy regulations CRM contact records will only be output by this component if the "Allow listing my contact data in the CMS" option has been enabled in the users CRM record. This option can only be checked by the user during the submission of the "Update Account Form" or a web Form with the "Allow listing my contact data in the CMS" field added to it.

Parameters and Options


This is the name of the entity that needs to be used for the component retrieving function.


Path to file that will contain the Liquid layout content to be parsed.

If an empty string, nothing will be rendered.
If paramater is not included, the default virtual layout will be rendered (see below).

...and any other properties available for the module

The name of the property to filter by. If empty or not present, no filtering will be used.

Remove spaces from custom property names here.

<your value>

Your specific value to filter by, eg: name, id, number, date, etc.
Liquid variables can be used here also. If present but no value set, no items will be returned.
FirstName (default)
...and any other properties available for the module

The name of the property to sort by. If empty or not present, alpha/numeric sorting will be used.

Remove spaces from custom property names here.

ASC (default)

ASC sorts the items in ascending order while DESC sorts in descending order (based on alpha/numeric or date sorting).
If empty or not present, alpha/numeric sorting will be used.
10 (default)

The maximum number of items returned. If displayPagination is enabled this determines the maximum number of items per page.
0 (default)

The number of items skipped before being listed.
false (default)

When true, fills 'SecureZones' list. If false, or the parameter is not included 'SecureZones' list remains to be empty.


Assigns the data to a Liquid collection enabling further access to the data on the Page or Template using Liquid.

Your collectionVariable value must only contain English letters, numbers or underscores. Spaces or special characters are not supported.

Liquid Output

The below example has 2 sample items (as these records have data viewing enabled) but is otherwise the default structure you will get from this Component (with includeSecureZonesInfo added and set to true).

  "Items": [
      "Id": 1442,
      "Email": "",
      "FirstName": "Alex",
      "LastName": "Smith",
      "Address": null,
      "City": null,
      "State": null,
      "ZipCode": null,
      "Country": null,
      "BillingAddress": null,
      "BillingCity": null,
      "BillingState": null,
      "BillingZipCode": null,
      "BillingCountry": null,
      "Site": null,
      "Phone": "123456789",
      "Status": null,
      "Notes": null,
      "Type": "Consumer",
      "IsDataUsingAllowed": true,
      "CreatedDateTime": "2019-06-12T17:28:59.07",
      "UpdatedDateTime": "2024-01-13T05:16:30.428091",
      "CrmType": "Member",
      "IsEmailVerified": true,
      "Role": "General",
      "SecureZones": [
          "id": "2221",
          "name": "Members Only",
          "landingpageid": 2225,
          "createddatetime": "2020-08-07T06:51:47.99",
          "expirydatetime": "9999-12-31T00:00:00",
          "updateddatetime": "2020-08-07T06:51:47.99"
      "RecurringSubscriptions": []
      "Id": 1430,
      "Email": "",
      "FirstName": "Joe",
      "LastName": "Test",
      "Address": "1 Street St",
      "City": "Streetville",
      "State": "NSW",
      "ZipCode": "2000",
      "Country": "Australia",
      "BillingAddress": "1 Street St",
      "BillingCity": "Streetville",
      "BillingState": "NSW",
      "BillingZipCode": "2000",
      "BillingCountry": "US",
      "Site": null,
      "Phone": "12340987",
      "Status": null,
      "Notes": null,
      "Type": "Consumer",
      "IsDataUsingAllowed": true,
      "CreatedDateTime": "2021-07-04T22:39:50.346055",
      "UpdatedDateTime": "2024-01-13T05:15:50.738335",
      "CrmType": "Member",
      "IsEmailVerified": true,
      "Role": "General",
      "SecureZones": [
          "id": "2221",
          "name": "Members Only",
          "landingpageid": 2225,
          "createddatetime": "2020-08-07T06:20:31.48",
          "expirydatetime": "9999-12-31T00:00:00",
          "updateddatetime": "2020-08-07T06:20:31.48"
      "RecurringSubscriptions": []
  "Params": {
    "type": "CRMContacts",
    "collectionvariable": "enabledContacts",
    "layout": "",
    "includesecurezonesinfo": "true"

Virtual Layout

Based on the above example, if not using any custom layout or collection, the default virtual layout will output as a summary list of Contact, eg:

    {% for contact in this.items %}
        <li>{{contact.FirstName}} {{contact.LastName}} - {{contact.Email}}</li>
    {% endfor %}

Rendering the list:

  • Alex Smith -
  • Joe Test -

Accessing the Data

JSON Output

You can output the full JSON for your component data by referencing the root Liquid object {{this}} in your module’s layouts, or directly on your page, if using the collectionVariable parameter in your component tag.

For example:

{% component type: ... collectionVariable: "myData" %}

You can then render the JSON like so:


For more details on using this approach, see Part 2 of the free ‘Learning Liquid Course’.

Rendering Property Values

This data is also accessible directly on the Page or Template via a Liquid Collection by adding collectionVariable to the Component.

An example using collectionVariable with value "enabledContacts":

{% component type: "CRMContacts", collectionVariable: "enabledContacts" %}

Accessing a specific item within the collection. In this case the second item (zero based index), which in our example would render the value Test


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