Alpha & Beta Features

Beta Features

The Beta Features section, found under the gear icon in the top right of the admin, provides the ability to enable/disable current beta features before they are implemented into the platform.

Beta Features may break current functionality, cause loss of data, or change how they function at any time. These are not stable features and are not advised to be use in production.

Current Beta features include:

Advanced payment flow

Improves payment flow using defined by the customer price formats and currencies attached to domain payment was made from.

Only avaliable on eCommerce plans.

Advanced URL manager

Allows setting multiple parent items to a single item in order to get several URLs leading to the item's detail page.

New Liquid engine & nICE 2.0

The ability to use style options like bold, italic, colors, etc in nICE editor interface.

New styles interface is available for all content except for module item properties that don’t have a field type of ‘multiline’ or ‘WYSIWYG’ (ie: date/time fields, single line string fields, etc).

This feature requires valid HTML for proper nICE 2.0 operation in edit mode.

Alpha Features

Features in Alpha are under internal flags but can be enable upon request for any of your trial sites if you wish to explore and test the features.

There are no current alpha features.

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