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Backlog & Requesting Features

Treepl CMS is a community supported platform. Users and Partners are encouraged to vote in the backlog and request features.

Public Backlog

Treepl CMS Public Backlog

Treepl CMS Public Backlog
Official Treepl CMS Public Backlog showing upcoming, in-process and delivered features.

Most requested and planned features can be found in the public backlog. The public backlog also shows the various states of requested features (ie: Reviewed, Under Review, Requested, etc.) as well as in process and previously delivered features

The Backlog can be viewed on the Treepl CMS website and directly from within your Portal - however, voting on items can only be done via your Portal.

The below video walks through the various aspects of the Backlog process and voting:

Requesting features

Treepl CMS Community Forum | Public Backlog
Treepl CMS forum is the best place to request features.

Features can be requested by posting them in the public backlog section of the Treepl CMS Forum.

Prior to requesting a feature, please check if the feature or a similar feature has already been requested in the Treepl CMS Public Backlog

Posting feature requests in the forum allows community discussion of feature requests. Additionally, posting in the forum has the added benefit of getting a response from other community members who may have suggestions on other methods of accomplishing your task.

Once features have been added to the public backlog on the forum, one of the community members will periodically move them to the official public backlog.

Treepl CMS development team considers requests based on development time, perceived demand, and public backlog voting.

It is important, for the sake of your request, that you follow the Backlog posting guidelines which should display on the Forum when you choose the “Treepl Backlog” category (before entering any text into the description).
For reference, the Backlog posting guidelines are as follows:

READ THIS FIRST to give your feature request the best chance in life.

Initial checklist:

  1. Be sure you’re requesting a feature and not a bug fix.
  2. Search existing backlog items and pending requests for same/similar features.

Still here, great! Please follow the below guidelines where possible:

  • “Sell” your idea.
    Understand that your feature request is a pitch, not only to the development team but to the wider community as well, since they will generally need to upvote your request for it to be implemented.

  • Try to think objectively, considering the bigger picture.
    Removing emotion or posting due to a single, immediate need for the feature, consider how the feature might be fleshed-out to benefit the system as a whole as well as the wider audience. The more partners it can benefit, the more votes it’ll attract.

  • Be open to feedback.
    Posting your idea is an opportunity for feedback to improve and expand the feature. Community involvement will also help get more people onboard with your idea.

  • Be specific and clear.
    This includes a concise, descriptive title (this is what other partners will read when reviewing backlog items for voting). And for the body, provide images, video, mockups and reference links where applicable and consider the following questions:

Is this a new feature, an enhancement or a BC equivalent feature?

Is this primarily client or partner focused?

Provide at least one specific use case:

Are there existing examples of this feature elsewhere?

Provide a clear TITLE and DESCRIPTION of the feature.
As the original author of the backlog request, it’s in your best interest to provide a suitable TITLE and DESCRIPTION for the item listed in the Backlog.


Partners have the ability to vote on reviewed feature requests to help inform the Treepl CMS development team which features are highest priority.

Partners can vote by going to their Treepl CMS Portal. Each partner has three votes. Once a request item has been completed, your vote is returned to you. You can change your votes at any time.

See the video overview above for more info on voting.

If you're interested in becoming a partner, details can be found on the Treepl CMS Partner Program page

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