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Admin Users

Admin Users, found under ‘Settings’, is where you can control administrator access to your website management and content.

Adding Admin Users

When adding a new user, you’ll set up their name and email address (their email address will be their login username).

The number of admin users you’ll be able to add is determined by your site plan.

After adding the user they will receive the system email "Invite Admin User" (found at 'Email Notifications' > 'System Emails') to send the user an invite link asking them to set their password. You may customise this email as needed.

Optionally, you can also assign an 'Admin Role' to the user. See 'Admin User Roles' for more details.

If no Role is assigned to an Admin User they will have full site permissions except for FTP access. If FTP access is required for the Admin User, be sure to create a Role with FTP permissions enabled.

Editing Admin Users

When editing an existing user, you’ll also be able to change there User Role, trigger a password reset workflow or remove them completely.

The password reset workflow will use the system email "Restore Admin User Password" (found at 'Email Notifications' > 'System Emails') to send the admin a password reset link. You may customise this email as needed.

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