URL Redirects

URL Redirects, found under ‘Settings’, enable you to set up 301 permanent redirects from a prior URL to a new URL.

You may want to do this if migrating a previous website to a new website structure within Treepl CMS where page addresses need to change or are structured differently, or if changing the URL/path of an existing page. Creating a 301 redirect will help you maintain SEO ranking for that URL while moving it’s address.

When adding or editing a URL redirect you’ll need to enter in the source URL (the previous URL path) and the destination URL (where you’d like the visitor the end up if attempting to access the source URL).
You’ll also be able to turn the redirect off and on at any time using the ‘Enable’ checkbox.

Removing a URL redirect completely can be done using the trashcan icon to the right of the item.

URL Redirects can also be imported, exported or deleted in bulk via the context menu (3 dots icon) next to the "Add New URL" button.

If you have many URL Redirects listed, you can use the search filter at the top of the list to help quickly locate items containing your keyword search.

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