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FTP access format

Treepl CMS allows you to access site files through FTP/FTPS. In this article you will learn how to connect to your Treepl website through FTP/FTPS.

FTPS is different to SFTP. SFTP is not currently supported.


In order to connect to your Treepl CMS website through FTP you would need to have:

  • Live or trial website on Treepl CMS
  • FTP Client


All Treepl sites’ FTP credentials follow the following pattern, using the sites’ system domain and your Partner email address:


Replace [text in the brackets] with the relevant sitename (as shown in your Treepl Portal), username and password and use these credentials in your FTP client to connect to your website.

It is recommended to always use a secure connection via the supported FTPS configuration.

To do this in your FTP client may vary, however generally it involves selecting 'TLS/SSL' as an encryption type along with the standard FTP protocol selection.

Ensure to use 'explicit TLS/SSL' if the option is given, or set 'explicit' in your FTP client settings.


All admin users of your site will have FTP access following the same credential pattern as described above but using their site admin email address and site admin password.

Directory Structure

You have the freedom of creating your own folders and files within your sites directory structure. Keep in mind though, that Treepl CMS has certain directories/folders within a sites file structure which are utilised for system functionality.

The default system directory structure (and FTP access) is outlined below:

  • ROOT
  • cms-assets
    • css
      • event-calendar.min.css
      • jquery.fancybox.min.css
      • main.css
    • includes
    • js
      • event-calendar.min.js
      • jquery.fancybox.min.js
      • payment.js
  • Contact
    • ContentTemplates
      • Master.html
    • EmailTemplates
      • System Default.html
    • Forms
      • [your form name].html
    • MenuLayouts
      • [your_menu_alias]
        • Default
          • item.layout
          • menu.layout
          • sub_items.layout
    • ModuleLayouts
      • Custom
        • [YourCustomModule]
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
      • System
        • Banner
          • List.html
        • BannerGroup
          • List.html
        • Blog
          • Blog List Layout.html
          • General Blog Layout_Detail.html
        • BlogPost
          • List.html
          • Post Detail_Detail.html
        • Event
        • EventGroup
        • FAQGroup
          • List.html
        • FAQQuestion
          • List.html
        • GallerySlider
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
        • ItemAuthor
          • Detail_Detail.html
          • List.html
        • Page
          • Page Detail_Detail.html
          • Site Search List.html
        • PageFolder
          • Folder Detail_Detail.html
        • Slide
          • List.html
    • Pages
      • home.html
    • Snippets
    • SystemEmails
      • confirm-email-notification.html
      • invoice.html
      • password-retrieve-email.html
      • secure-zone-login-details.html
      • workflow-notification.html
    • SystemPages
      • 401.html
      • 403.html
      • 404.html
      • default-page.html
      • email-confirmation.html
      • error-page.html
      • form-submission-results.html
      • request-reset-password-result.html
      • request-reset-password.html
      • reset-password.html
    • WorkflowEmails
  • _tmp

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