Content Modules

  • Menus
    Menus allow the easy creation and management of dynamic navigation elements. These can be rendered anywhere throughout your site, whether in content templates, pages, snippets or most other layouts.
  • Pages
    Pages allow the creation and management of standard page content and folders. Pages can be arranged within folders, secured from unauthorised access, hidden from either site search or search engines, assigned to templates and given full SEO properties among various other settings.
  • Content Templates
    Content Templates are the framework of your HTML document when rendering Pages and module items, helping set up the common elements, scripts, and styles as well as any common footer...
  • Snippets
    Snippets allow the creation of reusable blocks of code or isolated sections of content. This helps keep code clean and more easily maintainable, eliminating the need to repeat yourself and...
  • File Manager
    The File Manager provides browserable and functional access to the site’s file storage. You can see a tree view of the complete folder structure as well as a thumbnail, or...
  • Forms
    Forms are an essential part of collecting user information on your website.
    Treepl CMS makes managing forms easy and powerful
  • Blogs
    Blogs provide a robust blogging platform allowing multiple Blogs per site with unlimited Blog Posts and custom layouts and behaviours.
  • Events
    Events can be used for listing and taking paid or free bookings for date/time specific events as well as tracking capacity and multiply seat purchases.
  • Banners
    Banners give you an easy way to display random banner ads, perhaps a random quote or really any other content required.
  • Galleries/Sliders
    Galleries & Sliders allow for fast creation of image galleries or the management of image structures for sliders and carousels.
  • FAQs
    FAQ’s provide a simple way to list questions and answers organised within related FAQ groups.
  • Authors
    The Authors module provides an integrated way to store content authors/creators/admins with whom you might want to associate with other content items, like Blogs, articles, etc. throughout the CMS.
  • Secure Zones
    Secure Zones provide a way of creating restricted content on your website that only registered Secure Zone Members are able to access after successfully logging in.
  • Comments
    Allow logged-in users to post comments and ratings against items and/or respond to other user’s comments.
  • Custom Modules
    Custom Modules can be used to construct simple or complex data structures as a way to dynamically manage the content on your site or web application.
  • Site Search
    Site search allows general searching of all module items throughout the entire site.