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This section provides access to various Partner related details fo ryour management and/or information.


Update your Partner details for use with Treepl CMS accounts/invoicing.


You have the ability to customise the branding of your Treepl Admin and login screen. Below are the options available:

Option Description
My logo for dark background This is the logo that will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the admin area in the top banner bar with a background color of #292e34.
Maximum size of the logo is 151px wide x 62px high.
My logo for light background This is the logo used for the admin login screen. The logo will sit on a white background with approx. 45px padding all around.
Maximum size of the logo is 200px wide but can be any height.
Background image This image is used as a full screen background on the admin login screen, sitting behind the white login box.
The image will be set to fit the browser viewport with no repeat.


Provides an overview for any of your migration credits with Treepl CMS/Code Production. Showing current migration credit, free migration slots and discounts.

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