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Site Information

Site Information, under ‘Settings’, is where you can set up customised data points for your website that will then become globally available throughout the site, wherever Liquid mark-up can be used.

These custom data points will also be available in the Component Manager, for easy insertion into a page or layout.

Typical use-cases for Site Information might be to store the company name, address, contacts, logo, etc. in one handy location and render that information throughout the site via Liquid. Providing a more maintainable set of data if, say a phone number or email address changes and needs to be updated site-wide.
However, Site Information can be used for various other purposes, such as controlling style elements like global brand colours, icons and images or even global conditions to change how pages display or which page elements are visible.
The uses for Site Information are limited only by your imagination.

Site Information Setup

To start using Site Information first create a Group by clicking the “Create New Group” button.

You’ll likely want to create Groups to better organise different types of globals. For example; you might have a Group called ‘Company Information’ and another called ‘Design Settings’.

To make a change to a particular Group, click on the “Edit settings” button in that Group’s header bar.
Here you’ll be able to adjust the name of the group and also the Liquid tag syntax that will be used for accessing the Group data.

Once a Group has been set up you can start adding Properties to it (which are the individual data points you’ll be storing here) by clicking the “Add new property” button within that Group’s header bar.

A Property will consist of the following attributes:

The display name for your Property.
The Liquid reference that can be used to access this Properties value.
Short Alias
The same as Alias above, but just a shortened version to keep your Liquid tags neater.

Both Alias and Short Alias can be used throughout the site to access the Property value.


The data field type used for inputting and storing the Property value.
Field types available are:
DateTime - provides a date/time picker for storing date and time related values.
Media - provides a File Manager interface for selecting or uploading files.
Text (Multiple) - provides a multi-line text input field.
Text (String) - provides a single-line text input field.

You can edit the value of any Property by clicking the pencil icon in the ‘Actions’ column next to the Property item or delete the Property via the trash can icon.

At a glance, the Groups, Properties and their values will be displayed in a list view, along with the Liquid Alias to use for rendering those values.

To use this Site Information, simply copy the Alias you’d like to use and paste it into a page, template, layout or any other content field that supports Liquid mark-up.
Or generate the Property tag via the Component Manager whenever it’s available (such as when editing page contents or module items).

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