Treepl CMS vs Business Catalyst

Comparison of Features by Menu Items

KEY:    Available      Similar      Coming      Pending      No

BC feature by menu Treepl feature and menu location Notes
Pages Content/Pages With AMP option built-in.
Page Templates Content/Content Templates With AMP option built-in.
Module Templates (Layouts) Module templates (called ‘Layouts’) are managed from within each modules admin area, making them easier to find and relate to.
Content Holders Content/Snippets With full Liquid support.
Menus Content/Menus With drag and drop sorting of items.
Web Forms Content/Forms With Liquid support in autoresponders.
Integration with Mailchimp list subscription.
Payment collection via integrated Gateway.
File Manager Content/File Manager With drag and drop uploader, multiple file selection and file editor.
Secure Zones Content/Secure Zones
URL Redirects Settings/URL Redirects
Site Search (see notes) Standalone component configurable via its tag rather than via the admin.
System Pages Settings/System Pages 404, Default Form Confirmation, Secure Zone related pages, etc.
System Emails Email Marketing/System Emails With Liquid support
Web Apps Custom Modules More flexible. No 500 items limit, multiple detail layouts, can nest other Custom Modules and more.
Blogs Content/Blogs With AMP option built-in.
Events Content/Events With AMP option built-in.
Photo Galleries Content/Galleries & Sliders More flexible like a WebApp with editable layouts.
With AMP option built-in.
News Use more extensive Blog, Banners, or Custom Modules.
Media Downloads Ability to force file download via URL parameter. Use other modules for managing media items.
Comments (Coming)
FAQ’s Content/FAQs More flexible like a WebApp with editable layouts and item grouping.
With AMP option built-in.
Ad Rotators Content/Banners More flexible like a WebApp with editable layouts and item grouping.
With AMP option built-in.
Search CRM/Contacts Search directly on the customer list.
Customers CRM/Contacts
Orders Currently for recording form payments.
Cases CRM/Form Submission
Event Bookings CRM/Event Bookings
Sales Forecasts
Extend CRM Database (Coming soon)
Products (Coming soon)
Catalogs (Coming soon)
Discount Codes (Coming soon)
Gift Vouchers (Coming soon)
Affiliate Programs
Payment Gateways Settings/Payment Settings Stripe
Tax Codes (Coming soon)
Shipping Options (Coming soon)
Shop Settings (Coming soon)
EMAIL MARKETING (MailChimp integration WIP)
Email Campaigns (MailChimp integration WIP)
Mailing Lists (MailChimp integration WIP)
Visitors Analytics Google Analytics dashboard built-in plus your GA account.
Traffic Sources Analytics Google Analytics dashboard built-in plus your GA account.
Website Content Analytics Google Analytics dashboard built-in plus your GA account.
Web Forms Usage Analytics Google Analytics dashboard built-in plus your GA account.
E-commerce (Coming with eCommerce via GA)
Email Campaigns (Coming with Email Marketing via MailChimp)
Custom Reports Analytics Google Analytics dashboard built-in plus your GA account.
Admin Reports
Site Domains Partner Portal Contact support for now.
Multiple Domains and Subdomains supported.
Domains to landing pages coming.
DNS managed with your domian registrar or DNS host provider.
Email Accounts Contact support for now.
See here for more info.
Admin Users Settings/Admin Users
User Roles Settings/Admin User Roles Fine grain control of all admin areas.
Categories Settings/Categories Categories can be created globally and applied per module (like in BC).
Manage Workflows Settings/Custom Workflows Extra ability to create multiple email templates (managed from Email Marketing/Email Templates) with preset "Subject", "From Email", "From Name" (managed from Email Marketing/Emails). Extra ability to assign several workflows to a single form.
Social Integration
Mobile Support AMP option built-in.
Device detection via Liquid.
Captcha Content/Forms Google reCAPTCHA V2 and V3
Site Map No management of front-end site map for site navigation and breadcrumb use, however sitemap.xml can be generated (see below).
Listing all pages and items can be achieved via other methods.
RSS Channels
Site Billing
Customer Service Ticketing
API Integration (Coming soon)
Site Management
Security Settings
Beta Features

Comparison of other Features

KEY:    Available      Similar      Coming      Pending      No

BC Feature Treepl feature comparison Notes
Liquid Standard Shopify Liquid is available in more places (email autoresponders, collections available up-scope into template...)
Image Thumbnailing Using Image Processor with more powerful options. See docs
Developer Mode However, advanced code editor is in place alongside WYSIWYG editor in all areas where editing is possible.
module_data (Coming soon)
ICE nICE editor v1 is available covering editing 100% of the static text content and most dynamic text content too.
Render Page as JSON
Auto-generated sitemap.xml Currently manual generation is available through Setting/Sitemap. Configurable automated flow is coming soon.
API's (Coming soon)

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