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Migration to Activation

Following on from working your way through the Step-by-Step Migration Guide, below are some final items you might consider when going live.

If you have BC hosted emails; be sure you’ve followed the separate email migration/transfer process for the site’s email accounts.

Add Admin User/s and Assign Roles

Provide client access by adding them as an Admin User and assigning them to the Admin User Role/s we set up in an earlier step:

Admin Users Documentation

Assign Email Notification Workflow/s

Remove your testing email address/es from the Workflow Notification/s and replace with your clients’ email address. Under ‘Email Notifications’ > ‘Workflows’.

Workflow Documentation

Add New URL Redirects

During the site checking process in a previous step, you may have come across variations in how some URLs needed to be constructed to that of the BC site. Now’s the time to add these as URL redirects to maintain those BC paths once migrated. For more detail on URL Redirects see the documentation article here:

URL Redirects Documentation

Setup Google Analytics & Dashboard

If you are using Google Analytics, or wish to, you can also have some key metrics displayed on the Admin Dashboard. Just follow the details documentation article here to get setup:

Analytics Integration Documentation

Activate Site

You can activate your trial site via your Treepl Portal and follow the steps for updating your DNS records. For more detail on the Go Live/Activation process see the documentation article here:

Trial to Live Site Activation

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