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Migration Planning

Welcome to migration season.

As any migratory bird will tell you, it can be a long and hard journey but the rewards are well worth it - even key to your survival.

Any site migration is not simply a transfer of data and front-end code from one server to another. There are many other aspects to consider and plan for to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your client.

But never fear, for these guides, and occasional bird songs, are here to help you through the typical aspects of a site migration to Treepl CMS - specifically from the Business Catalyst platform. However, similar principles can apply migrating from most other platforms as well.

Quick Site Assessment

Since Treepl CMS is not quite at full BC feature parity, not all BC sites will be immediately ready for migration. However, Adobe themselves have concluded that 95% of all BC sites will readily fit Treepl CMS and are ready for migration now, while the rest, particularly eCommerce sites, will come later.

We suggest focussing on your smaller sites first, to become familiar with the process, then working up to the larger sites.

To quickly assess your site, we recommend reviewing the BC Comparison Chart to ensure the core features required by your BC site have a comparable and ready feature within Treepl CMS.

Preliminary Client Discussion

Before planning the migration further, it’s probably a good idea to discuss the situation with your client -to see if it even has wings(pun intended). Ensure they are onboard with the direction you want to take their site and that it’s viable for you to continue the migration planning process.

You may of already started these conversations with clients, in which case you can skip ahead. But if not, now might be a good time to prime them for leaving the nest.

Below are some resources and scripts that may help you start this conversation with your client:

Evaluate your Business Catalyst Site

Ensure you have a thorough understanding of the site’s requirements before starting the migration. Not only for the amount of content, pages or modules used, but things like the site’s age, hosting expiry date, the migration priority/urgency, active domain names and access to DNS, Admin user/s workflows and usage patterns, SEO implications, etc.

This complete picture of the site will better enable you to assess migration timeframes, costs and new platform suitability. It will also give you the information needed to go back to your client with the final migration proposal.

To help you collate all this information we have a comprehensive spreadsheet you can use which will also help you compare current BC costs to that of the matched Treepl CMS plan based on your site’s requirements:

Secondary Client Discussion

Going back to your client with your proposed migration plan/quote will vary widely depending on how you run your agency, the type of client involved, the site complexity, etc.

Some key points you may like to consider are:

  • If you’ll charge for migration in full, absorb some of the costs, or offer it for free.

  • Whether you’ll discuss the Treepl CMS platform or whitelabel the solution.

  • Discuss and justify any increases in monthly/yearly costs.

  • Promote any benefits/value-adds or positive changes (ie: included SSL, MailChimp integration, etc.)

  • Offering any promotions or deals to sweeten the pot.

  • Preempt possible client concerns, such as; SEO implications, editing content, site/email downtime, etc.

  • Checklist of things you’ll need from the client (ie: 3rd party password).

Some Partners take a subtle, low key approach, reassuring their client everything will be taken care of. While other Partners provide detailed descriptions of the steps and overall process. Your approach is up to you, but below are some example scripts other Partners have used for your reference:

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