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Migration Options

With your client’s approval and the full site picture in hand, you’re now ready to get your hands dirty and dig into the migration, or stay clean and outsource the work to somebody else.

Outsource Migration

To free up your time and energy, the Treepl CMS team offer full migration services. You may even have migration credits applied to your account if you’re a paid Partner who joined during the promotional period.

You may even like to work with an existing Treepl CMS Partner to complete a migration project for you or assist/consult with you on various components. 

To find help in this area try these resources:

Inhouse Migration

If you’re familiar with the BC platform you should feel at home with Treepl CMS.

Migrating a site yourself is totally feasible and these guides aim to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish quickly and smoothly. And remember, there is always the very supportive community ready to help you out if needed.

BC Site Migration to a new site design/template

Time for a redesign? Or perhaps this is the opportunity to shift your clients’ site into a fresh new template. Well we’ve got you covered there too.

These migration guides will still help you through the process whether you're using a template or your own custom design.

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