How to Request Features

Treepl CMS is a community supported platform. Users and Partners are encouraged to request features.

Treepl CMS is a community supported platform. Users and Partners are encouraged to request features.

Public Backlog

All requested and planned features can be found in the public backlog. The public backlog also shows the status of requested features as either upcoming, in-process (with completion date), and previously delivered features.

Treepl CMS has a master plan that lays out the development schedule for all core CMS features that are currently planned.

Scheduled Features: at the bottom of the upcoming features section are feature that are part of the Treepl CMS Master Plan

Treepl CMS Public Backlog

Treepl CMS Public Backlog
Official Treepl CMS Public Backlog showing upcoming, in-process and delivered features.

Treepl CMS Master Plan

Treepl CMS Master Plan
Treepl CMS Master plan represents the development schedule for all core CMS features.

Requesting features

Prior to requesting a feature, please check if the feature or a similar feature has already been requested in the Treepl CMS Public Backlog

Features can be requested by posting them in the public backlog section of the Treepl CMS Forum. Posting feature requests in the forum allows community discussion of feature requests. Additionally, posting in the forum has the added benefit of getting a response from other community members who may have suggestions on other methods of accomplishing you task.

Once features have been added to the public backlog on the forum on of the community members will periodically move them to the official public backlog.

Treepl CMS development team considers requests based on development time, perceived demand, and public backlog voting.

Treepl CMS Community Forum | Public Backlog
Treepl CMS forum is the best place to request features.


Partners have the ability to vote on upcoming features to help inform the Treepl CMS development team which features are highest priority.

Partners can vote by going to the Public backlog, and registering/logging-in via the links in the top right corner. Once logged in you will have the ability to click on the thumbs up icons. Each partner has three votes. Once an item has feature has been completed, your vote is returned to you. You can change your votes at any time.

If you're interested in becoming a partner, details can be found on the Treepl CMS Partner Program page

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