Standard Form

This is a standard form with no client-side validation.
If you submit the form you'll see the full response output (both if the form errors or if it succeeds)

<form action="/forms/cases.ashx?form=demo_contact_form" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
	<label for="FirstName">First Name*</label>
	<input type="text" id="FirstName" name="FirstName">
	<label for="LastName">Last Name</label>
	<input type="text" id="LastName" name="LastName">
	<label for="Email">Email*</label>
	<input type="text" id="Email" name="Email">
	<label for="Phone">Phone</label>
	<input type="text" id="Phone" name="Phone">
	<label for="Enquiry">Enquiry*</label>
	<textarea id="Enquiry" name="Enquiry"></textarea>
	<label for="ReCAPTCHAV2">reCAPTCHA v2*</label>
	<div class="g-recaptcha" data-sitekey="6Lf2cGcUAAAAABbL4aDrclASNZx9S3uaI9EvpvlI"></div>
	<input type="submit" class="button" value="Submit">
  "Name": "DEMO Contact Form",
  "Alias": "demo_contact_form",
  "Fields": [
    "Id": 185,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "First Name",
    "Alias": "FirstName",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:43.997",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:43.997",
    "Type": 7,
    "IsMandatory": true,
    "FieldGroupType": 0,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 0
    "Id": 186,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "Last Name",
    "Alias": "LastName",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.04",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.04",
    "Type": 7,
    "IsMandatory": false,
    "FieldGroupType": 0,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 1
    "Id": 187,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "Email",
    "Alias": "Email",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.08",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.08",
    "Type": 7,
    "IsMandatory": true,
    "FieldGroupType": 0,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 2
    "Id": 188,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "Phone",
    "Alias": "Phone",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.117",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.117",
    "Type": 7,
    "IsMandatory": false,
    "FieldGroupType": 0,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 3
    "Id": 189,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "Enquiry",
    "Alias": "Enquiry",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.15",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.15",
    "Type": 6,
    "IsMandatory": true,
    "FieldGroupType": 1,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 4
    "Id": 190,
    "FormId": 12,
    "Name": "reCAPTCHA v2",
    "Alias": "ReCAPTCHAV2",
    "CreatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.157",
    "UpdatedDateTime": "2018-11-24T19:40:44.157",
    "Type": 9,
    "IsMandatory": true,
    "FieldGroupType": 1,
    "Options": [],
    "Order": 5
  "Parent": {
  "Id": 2234,
  "Url": "/demo-cs/contact",
  "ParentId": 2224,
  "LastUpdatedDate": "2019-02-28T20:45:37",
  "Name": "Standard Form",
  "UrlSlug": "contact",
  "Enabled": true,
  "ReleaseDate": "2018-11-24T18:00:00",
  "ExpiryDate": "2099-12-10T18:00:00",
  "Weighting": 0,
  "Description": "<div class=\"grid-x grid-padding-x\">\r\n    <div class=\"cell medium-6\">\r\n        <h1>Standard Form</h1>\r\n        <p>This is a standard form with no client-side validation.<br>\r\n        If you submit the form you'll see the full response output (both if the form errors or if it succeeds)</p>\r\n        {% capture form %}{% component type: \"form\", alias: \"demo_contact_form\" %}{% endcapture %}\r\n        {{form}}\r\n    </div>\r\n    <div class=\"cell medium-6\">\r\n        <ul class=\"tabs\" data-tabs id=\"code-tabs\">\r\n            <li class=\"tabs-title is-active\"><a href=\"#panel1\" aria-selected=\"true\">Form Code</a></li>\r\n            <li class=\"tabs-title\"><a data-tabs-target=\"panel2\" href=\"#panel2\">Liquid Output</a></li>\r\n        </ul>\r\n        <div class=\"tabs-content\" data-tabs-content=\"code-tabs\">\r\n            <div class=\"tabs-panel is-active\" id=\"panel1\">\r\n                <pre>{{form | escape}}</pre>\r\n            </div>\r\n            <div class=\"tabs-panel\" id=\"panel2\">\r\n                {% component type: \"form\", alias: \"demo_contact_form\", collectionVariable: \"formData\" %}\r\n                <pre>{{formData | escape }}</pre>\r\n            </div>\r\n        </div>\r\n    </div>\r\n</div>",
  "ItemTags": "",
  "Author_Name": "",
  "Author_Url": "",
  "Author": "",
  "SEOTitle": "",
  "MetaTitle": "",
  "MetaDescription": "",
  "ShowPageForSearchEngine": true,
  "CanonicalLink": "",
  "EnableAMP": false,
  "AMPContent": "",
  "CodeEditor": true,
  "ExternalId": 0,
  "SocialMetaTags": "",
  "OpenGraphProperties": "",
  "DisableForSiteSearch": false,
  "SeoPriority": "",
  "CreatedByMemberId": 0,
  "ItemCategories": "",
  "ItemCategoryIdList": "",
  "SKUCode": "",
  "SiteSearchKeywords": "",
  "FtpFullPath": "Content\\Pages\\demo-cs\\contact.html",
  "Module_ID": 1522,
  "Module_Alias": "Page",
  "ParentName": "demo-cs",
  "ParentUrl": "/demo-cs",
  "TemplateName": "DEMO Companion Site",
  "IsHome": false
  "Params": {
  "type": "form",
  "alias": "demo_contact_form",
  "collectionVariable": "formData"
  "PaymentAmount": 0.0,
  "ModuleItemId": 0,
  "ModuleName": "",
  "FormType": "Generic",
  "UniqueId": "7ea9caba-e10b-4cb2-93df-ffba9dccfb97",
  "IsSubscription": false