Trial Sites

Trial Sites are your development environments for starting a new site project before you publish to a custom domain name.

The number of Trial Sites available and the timeframe until they expire, depend on your Treepl CMS member status.

Quick Start

Setup a Trial Site

Log into your Treepl CMS Partner Portal (

Use the ‘Create New Site’ button to start a new site instance.

Complete the fields:

  • 'Site Name'
  • 'Root Domain' either or (for white-labelling)
  • 'Subdomain' usually autocompletes, but you can change if needed
  • 'Hosting Plan'
  • 'Create From' choose a blank site or one of the free Treepl CMS templates (preview the templates via the blue button)
  • 'Data Center' choose the server location best for your site
  • 'Country' set your sites primary location
  • 'Timezone' set the server time to be used for all your site's date/time functions

Click "Save" and wait around 30 seconds for the instances to spin up.

The instance will appear in your ‘Trial Sites’ list with a pending status until ready.

Manage a Trial Site

Once a Trial Site is ready you'll see additional options available for managing your instance:

  • 'URL' view the Trial Site with the system generated subdomain
  • 'Admin' navigate to the site admin
  • 'Activate' start the site activation process to publish the site under a custom domain
  • 'Duplicate' create an complete copy of the instance
  • 'Edit details' access the instance settings
  • 'Delete' remove the instance from your account

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